† 33 †


Hair: >> Aeros Hair Raul << Naturals :: basic five
Goggles: [ Obscure ] - Wayfarer Goggles
Vest: Razor /// Trekka Vest w/ Shirt
Necklace: +grasp+/Three strand chain necklace/Mens
Armwarmers: Razor /// Foe Gloves - Fatal w/HUD
Tattoo: [[E]]mpathy - Ao Kuang Skull
Pants: [[NS]] Men's Leather Fetish Steampunk Pants (Charcoal)
Shoes: Razor /// Fall Out Boy Kicks w/ HUD


Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreads line - Rumple Hair (Ladies) 
Vest: Cain - Biker Vest - she-Wolf
Necklace: Graffitiwear Feathered Mayan Pendant 
Piercing: ...:::Scrub:::... Death in my belly Piercing
Pants: D-Style - Cuffed Jeans Punked
Boots: :::insanya::: Kat Boots Rock - Black

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