† 900 †

† Nopherato †
Hair: tram F1124 hair
Tattoo: BODY MOD - Piel tattoo [MOM]
Pose: XXY - One more kiss [MOM]

† Billita †

Hair: *barberyumyum*
 Tattoo: Suicide Gurls - Akala Gach Tattoo RARE1 [Oh My Gacha]
Dress: Bens Boutique - Lavin Mini Dress - Hud Driven
Shoes: Bishes Inc Celia Shoes Black 
Scene Details:
[CIRCA] - "Horizon" Velvet Chaise R - Gold Ed. [SaNaRae]
[CIRCA] - "Starlight" Candle Lantern - Chain L1 - Silver [SaNaRae]
[CIRCA] - "Starlight" Candle Lantern w/ Ground Hook - Silver [SaNaRae]
[BDKX] -//- Triangle Table 01.
uK - Inspiration Mirror [Collabor88]
uK - Palm Incents Burner [Collabor88]
uK - Mat Crate Calm [Collabor88]
uK - Country Candles Tray
i7_coffee & green_espresso&joints
BJK * Amsterdam gacha - Iron Bike 

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Ceyron Louis

Welcome to Under[Z]one Blogger. We are Billita / Nospherato, we love what we do and hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Here you will find all the best of Second Life. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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